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Project 10 & 18

Our Mission

Our mission at Project 10 & 18 is to be a valuable resource for all those engaged in wildland firefighting roles and research, who want to learn from both the positive and negative experiences of others. To offer current and future prospects the value of learning from experienced WFs and FFs to provide them with acquired learned leadership lessons, skills, and tools; wildland fire weather and fire behavior; human factors and behavioral sciences; safe practices based on the validated insights from the High-Reliability Organization (HRO) concept; utilize the proven aircraft concept of the Crew Resource Management (CRM) Model for Wildand Fire applications; strive to correct and replace the incessant (dis)information regarding improper and untruthful Serious Accident Investigations which has been suspiciously replaced by the mostly inadequate Facilitated Learning Analyses (FLA) and FLA Workshop, Learning From Unintended Consequences, Learning Reviews, Coordinated Response Protocols (which should be labeled CRaP) which allow no-blame, and no-fault, and that it was "just an accident, one of those things that happened" so "tell us your story." And so what we will learn instead are "incomplete" lessons which is in direct contravention to what we need to learn in order to reduce the number of inevitable wildland fire fatalities with one redeeming feature being the Sensemaking concept (why matters made sense to them at the time); and other aspects of wildland fire management, fire science, and fire technology, while inspiring all interested and motivated WFs, FFs, and others to excel in this inherently dangerous, noble, rewarding vocation.

Who We Are


Fred Schoeffler

Project 10 & 18 Manager

My name is Fred J. Schoeffler, and I’ve lived in AZ since 1955, most of my life. on Easter Weekend 2021, 'Into the Black' historian, Scott Briggs and I purchased 14+ acres of property in Yarnell, AZ along Boulder Springs Trail that adjoins the Helms Ranch. We plan on establishing a Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center under the auspices of Project 10 & 18 International (P10&18 Intl) and Project 10 & 18 United LLC (P10&18U). We are committed to our personal relationships with Jesus Christ, as a courageously Christian-based, non-political small group of involved citizens, current and former WFs and FFs, and involved and interested others seeking to be truth-tellers, good neighbors, and partners. Most times, it’s merely “doing the difficult right thing.” Growing up, my Father - a WW 2 Navy Veteran - who served as an Aviation Machinist Mate and as a collateral machine gunner in a torpedo dive bomber. He often talked about the Pensacola Naval Base Commander who was summarily court-martialed for doing the difficult, right thing. Because of that man’s decision and actions, he was my hero while growing up and to this day. He inspired me to be the man I am today with a strong interest in leadership and human factors. I carried that moral ethic on as a U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Supervisory Forestry Technician WF. We wholly endorse gaining wisdom from our sometimes tragic WF and FF history, and because you are our current and future leaders, you are therefore the linchpins in a vital role toward learning “complete” lessons; something lost for many years. We encourage making those voices heard.

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